Showcase Sunday 08/17/14

Jordan's Jewels

If you follow me on Instagram you know I planned to start this week’s Showcase earlier. I learned that just because I posted a picture doesn’t mean I’m actually going to read it! (Look for my What’s Up Wednesday Post to see what I’m currently reading or follow me on Instagram and Twitter.)

This week we are discussing The Ring and The Crown by Melissa De La Cruz.

18296016This cover is beautiful. This is another book I got signed at the Teen Book Convention earlier this year.

This book (unlike last week’s cover) has a lot of texture. The background is one of those covers that, when you rub your hand across it, it makes your hand feel weird. It has a soft effect, not glossy. I hope that makes sense!

The title is raised but the rest remains pleasing to the eye, not to the touch. The flowers on the cover look very dimensional, which I can appreciate as a scrapbooker. 🙂 I enjoy covers that give a 3D effect. The letters, on the cover, are thin, so it gives the cover a fun feel. It is a gorgeous dust jacket but I always enjoy having texture on my book covers.

When you take the dust jacket off, the letters on the front of the hard cover and the spine are all raised as well. They are very thin, like the cover letters, and five the same effect of the dust jacket when you run your fingers over the letters.

When you open the book the background of the dust jacket mimics the filler pages and the title page on the inside of the book as well. Each of the chapter headers has  a similar pattern as well.

I leave you with the book trailer to this book. I exposed myself to the content, deeming in appropriate without any spoilers. I have not yet read this book (as previously mentioned) so I took a chance. -Jordan


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