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Hey Gems,

If you live in Texas, Mexico, or any surrounding state, you could hear my screams on Christmas morning when I opened up my stocking and sitting  between three 3-dimensional butterflies and a package of cute erasers was a precious, unexpected, pearl (patronus?)…in the shape of Taylor Swift’s 1989 Deluxe Album…. Yep. The one with the Polaroids and additional tracks… not to mention three private song writing memos from Miss Swift herself.

If you’re like me, you learned from a very young age, if you don’t wait for the Deluxe album release you won’t get the new Hilary Duff “Wanted” Album with the extra poster (that seemed like the golden egg at the time) because your mom already bought the original album. You could plead your case. Your wall NEEDS that poster. You hear that “Blank Space” cry at night, begging for some sort of attention. Your mother’s response? Draw a picture (one I will want to burn later…). So you grew up thinking you’ll never have the deluxe album…you bide your time until you grow up, get a job, and buy ALL that you have been deprived of for so long. (Yeah, I was a very dramatic kid… and now a very dramatic adult.) But when I opened that CD and slapped it into our stereo, I felt like my life was complete. Too bad for my Dad… I’m “never ever” leaving this house again. I can’t “shake it off” while waiting in line at the grocery store without getting weird looks, how am I supposed to clean out dressing rooms at Catos?

In honor of my new CD (and boredom) I decided to participate in the “Taylor Swift Book Tag” that has been making it’s way through YouTube (also known as BookTube) in a “Fearless” (see what I did there?) fashion. I know this is not YouTube (strangely enough I am lacking the Talking Dogs and Weird Al Yankovich videos…huh. I need to work on that….) but I wanted to see if “Sparks Fly” as you read this and maybe you’ll be “Enchanted” enough to leave a comment and, perhaps, you’ll be even “Crazier” and follow my blog. Who knows? Maybe that is you’re “Style.”

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together | A book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with… but then decided you wanted to break up with: This one is difficult. There are so many books/series that I love… strangely enough I don’t reread many books or series. I have so many books that I have bought that are just sitting on my shelves –  I know it isn’t sensible to reread some of my favorites. I have reread some books for Read-A-Thons and such, but that was strictly to review them on my blog. If I have to pick one though, it would have to be New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I love the Twilight Saga. I believe that the paranormal aspect brought teens into the world, but the simplicity of Edward and Bella’s ability to communicate made people fall in love with the Saga, at least for me. Bella’s old soul matches well with Edwards… elderly self. (I’m just kidding. Team Edward all the way!!) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE The Twilight Saga, but I have a love/hate relationship with New Moon. When I first read the Saga I had to push myself to read the 500 (or so) page book. But wait! When I read it again, I loved it. The pages open a new dimenson to Jacob’s character.  We see him as more than a nuisance, we see a friend, a possible mate. Then I read the book a third time… I wanted to throw the book across the room. I thought if I read it a fourth time it would be just as good. As if, every time I read the Saga, it would be five stars if I read the Saga an even number of times. I was wrong. I couldn’t stand it. I’m guessing it was a leap year….

2. Red | A book with a red cover: Talk about an easy question! I absolutly love anything to do with Kate Brian (AKA Emma Harrison, Kieran Scott) So my obvious choice is Lucy T. by  Kate Brian. Carrie Fitzgerald is the luckiest girl: She is the only sophomore on the varsity basketball team, she always had the lead in the school play, and she has the cutest boyfriend in school. Carrie Fitzgerald is also the most superstitious girl: She attributes all of her good luck to a Moroccan T-shirt that her father sent her from one of his distant jaunts around the world. When her mother accidentally donates Carrie’s lucky T to Help India and her good luck starts running out, Carrie does what any logical girl would do — she travels halfway around the world to get it back. But as she scours a foreign land for her luck, she finds a lot more than she ever expected. She’s going to need more than luck to find her way back home again. Sound good? It was. I know this book isn’t COVERED in red. But the book is based on a T-Shirt and said t-shirt is – if you’re blind (and if you are I am proud your mom is reading to you!) red.

3. The Best Day | A book that makes you feel nostalgic: Another obvious choice, The entire Secrets of my Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita or the Magic in Manhattan series by Sarah Mlynowski. Both series got me through my preteen years with minimal sleep and bad hair days.  Oh yeah, and empty wall space due to lack of Deluxe Taylor Swift CDs.  Thanks Mom.

4. Love Story | A book with forbidden love: The Selection by Keira Cass! As the could-be future queen of Illéa America cannot be in love with someone else. Stuck between Aspen, her oh-so perfect future (or so she thought) and the rigid Prince Maxon, America thinks her future is simple. But is anything really black and white? This story caught me off guard – you can see my review of The Selection and The Elite by clicking HERE – I loved it. I cried, I wept, when I closed the book on The One, I didn’t feel I would ever get over it. But now they are making a “spin off kind of series.”  You can read more about it HERE.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble | A book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love. Brody from Love Inc. by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout! I found this book while at the hospital with a family memeber for Sixty-Nine days. This book brought me laughter in a time when I needed it most. I will always have fond memories of this book. I loved it so much I convinced my sister and mom to read it.

6. Innocent | A book that someone ruined the ending for. Better Off Friends by Elizibeth Eulberg. You’ll never guess who spoiled it for me…. Go ahead, guess. Okay, I’l just tell you. Miss Eulberg herself. Let me explain. It’s not like we’re BFFs who go to the same Starbucks (eww!) or enjoy Packers games… Uh, hardcore Cowboys fan here! I did meet her at a signing though and, in a room full of people, she gave away the ending. Basically she said it was a Young Adult version of When Harry Met Sally, but as a twist she gave her readers a–did you actually think I was going to spoil it for you? Come on, you should know me better that that. I am not going to “haunt” you with that. (I’ll admit that one was probably the worst.)

7. Everything Has Changed | A character from a book who goes through extensive character development. Annabel from Just Listen. As the reader I enjoyed seeing her go from a wounded victim to , fighting for herself and other girls like her. Oh, and getting the guy in the end.

8. You Belong With Me | You’re most anticipated book release. Oh… there are so many. I’ll be posting a list of my top 15 most anticipated books of 2015 later on this week (Minus ten points for procrastination) but, just off the top of my head, it would be The Heir by Kiera Cass or Flunked by Jen Calonita.

9. Forever and Always | You’re favorite book couple. Picking one is harder than it sounds. There are so many male characters that I would kill to call my own. If I have to pick my own it would be Zach and Cammie from the Gallagher Girls series. (Don’t hate me if they aren’t together at the end of the series. I’m on book three!) Zach is so sarcastic, I could eat him with a spoon, and with Cammie’s shyness they balance each other out nicely.

10. Come Back, Be Here | The book you would least like lend out, for fear of missing it to much. Any of them. I don’t let out books. If you saw some of the books I, myself, had taken back to the library you would understand.

I know this post was “Treacherous” to get through but it’s over now. So, “Long Live” the books mentioned in this post and No, I’m “Not Sorry” for my terrible use of song titles and the monstrosity that is the links in this post. -Jordan


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