Let’s Talk About Benchwarmers

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If you buy books like you breathe air you can relate to this post. I love books but I love BUYING books too. I go into a book store intending to buy one book and come out with three. The manager at my local Barnes and Noble no longer verifies my check. There is something about buying a book, something about walking out of a book store with new additions to your home library. I cannot tell you the joy I get from adding new books to my shelves.

Still, due to my excessive book buying habits, I have quite a few books that go unnoticed. Books that have been sitting on my shelves, unread, for at least TWO years. As a devoted reader it doesn’t make me feel good knowing there are worlds I have invested in -whole series- and I’ve never even picked them up and given them a try.

I want to end this problem in my home library. I no longer want to buy books, leaving other books unread. Since, let’s be honest here, I’m not going to stop buying books I wanted to make a list of my Top Ten Benchwarmers and read them this year. To do this I decided to make a list on my blog under the tab “Challenges” if you hover over this tab you will see a drop down menu. You can click on the title “The Benchwarmer Challenge” to see my progress starting on May 30th (seeing as my TBR for May 2015 is set) I hope you’ll check it out.

But today I wanted to talk about what makes readers buy excessive amounts of books knowing we will never be able to read them all. As a reader myself I know there is something (mentioned above) about buying a book, holding a book you now own, setting said book on your shelf. I also know the feeling of regret when you reorganize your shelves and see all of the books you have yet to read. The pang of sadness that hits you square in the chest. The negative thoughts that seem to take over your mind, encompass your souls and drag you down a dark path making you think you are never going to read the four hundred books on your To Be Read List.

I’ve been there. I was there last week. So what made me ask two of my family members to pick up a book for me when they went to the book store three days ago? Oh. That’s right. The new Susane Colasanti book -the first in her new trilogy: City Love and, since my sister and mom were already there, they picked up An Ember In The Ashes by Sabarr Tahir… what was the harm? They were already there.

I know myself. I know myself so well that I tricked myself into believing I would be sad missing the opportunity to own those two awesome books right then. I know myself so well I ignored the glare my bookshelves were giving me and went out to have lunch. I know myself so well I haven’t even read them yet… and I knew I wouldn’t when my mom asked if there was anything else I needed her to pick up.

It’s a constant cycle for me as a reader, to buy books, not read books that have been sitting on my shelves, and read the newest additions to my home library. As we near the end of the first half of 2015 I want to change this cycle. I know that there are books that will be around forever and I know there are books that are just a glint in time. I need to read the books I own NOT the books everyone is talking about.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Benchwarmers

  1. Jordan, this is a great idea. I have been trying to read more books that have been on my shelf. Unfortunately, I have a ton of later series for which I don’t have the earlier books. I have gotten them unsolicited from publishers, or have gotten them at conferences. Of course, this means buying more books if I would like to eventually read them. I am actually really good about parting with books that I know that I don’t want to read, and I still have two shelf like that.
    There is a meme out there that challenges you to either read the book that has been on the TBR or to remove it and read the next oldest. I haven’t seen it around for awhile, but if I do I will let you know.

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    1. Suzi are you telling me there is a meme to challenge you to read your books or unhaul them? Please, tell me more! I have the same problem with later books in series. Oddly, I buy them myself. I cannot stop myself when I see a second or third book in a series/trilogy that I have been dying to read. Especially if said book is four or five dollars. 😉 My mom also buys books for me and she doesn’t know my shelves as well as I do so I sometimes end up with books of series I have never heard of. I gotta love my Mommy though. I’ve ended up with some of my favorite authors this way!



  2. Firstly, Hi Jordan! Nice to see you’re blogging and I hope your writing is going well! x

    I’m not much of a book buyer, really. I know the feeling of wanting to buy a colossal amount of books and the joy that a single new book can bring, but I also am a passionate saver and I don’t buy a book if there’s even really a chance I won’t love it, it’s just not the way I work- for my bookshelves, and wallet, I think this is a good thing, for me. Still, though, second hand bookstores are gorgeous and cheap and they are always there, right? And my bookshelf is still full of plenty of books I’ve yet to read. I think I’ll have to take it in hand, too. Let’s hope we do a good job with it! Romi.xx

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    1. Hey Romi! It’s nice to hear from you. 😀 I get what you mean, about buying books. I open my wallet and she cries. She begs me to leave her at home… it’s a sort of addiction I guess. I buy a lot of my books from a used book store chain, Hastings. But I adore Barnes and Noble as well. It’s always a treat to buy a brand new book from Barnes and Noble. I wish I had the ability to save my money. I envy you! 😉



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