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Literary Emeralds #3 | 07/18/15 | Time Management At It’s Finest

Literary Emeralds

Let’s be honest. the one thing a writer can never count on is the time he’ll actually spend writing. Every writer says they write X amount of hours everyday. They claim they can finish a book, edit that book, and submit that book in just a couple of months. (Hello James Patterson, nice to meet you.) The truth is said Writer can if he actually tried. It’s all a matter of procrastination and today we are going to nip it in the bud (or kick it to left field if you prefer.)

First we are going to examine the reasons one would procrastinate. Are you tired of the same plot day in and day out? Do you feel there is something better to do? Here is my favorite: “Life keeps getting in the way.” There are many EXCUSES that a writer, an aspiring author, imageor even a well known author would stop heading in the direction of their computer (not to check the latest tweets, I might add.)

You have to ask yourself if going to the movies or going with your sister to JCPennys to tell her she does NOT look fat in those jeans is really worth your time in the long run. Yes your missing a future Oscar Nominee but maybe your sister found an angel in the store clerk and she helped her find the perfect Levis that hug her caffs and show off all her curves (even if her father would prefer them not to.)

You have to weigh your options. What is better for YOU. Is your dream to become a published author? I hope your not wasting your time reading this article if you are in line to own the family farm. You must make time for you. Your dreams do matter. Don’t run off to accomplish other things when you should be planting your tush in your chair writing the next New York Times bestseller.

The next step is carving out time for yourself. Yes you still have to feed yourself and if you have a family of your own they need tending to also. You need to find those spare moments when there is nothing important (the laundry is caught up and the kids are taking a nap) than your writing.

I suggest taking fifteen minutes. Just fifteen minutes. Whenever you have a little time on your hands (even if you think you don’t I promise you you do!) Take those fifteen spare minutes and write. Don’t get up to refill your coffee, Don’t help the kiddos with their homework. Have some you time.

Let’s be honest here. No one has time to sit down for two hours to write the perfect chapter. Again, you have to make time. You’ll be surprised how many words will end up on the page in fifteen minutes because after one fifteen minute session you will want another one and another.

WARNING: Be careful! You don’t want to overload your day with writing and leave everything else up to the little elves that everyone wishes for but never complete their rounds to your home. You still have to keep up your responsibilities. That is the great thing about finding fifteen minutes in your schedule. Just one or two fifteen minute session everyday will help you boost your word count and help keep your life on track. Who knows, maybe you’ll eventually find two hours with nothing on the family planner but until then….



2 thoughts on “Literary Emeralds #3 | 07/18/15 | Time Management At It’s Finest

  1. Well I love the masked procrastinator. She is my super hero. Or I guess she might be. Sometime. Or not. I’m not quite sure.
    I don’t know if 15 minutes, though such a brilliant starting point, would ever be enough for me. I shoot for an hour and just ensure I get it (when I’m working on a writing project) by adding it into my daily schedule as a necessary thing to do. My mind has really only just started to crank up at the 15 minute mark and even at an hour I find it difficult to tear myself away, somedays. When writing is your career, though, you do spend your hours writing, which is splendid and hard and something I really hope to experience for many years of my life. Right now, amidst study and work and all of the things that make up my day, an hour is what I manage. Right now I actually have to get back into my WIP and start waking up early enough to write as the sun rises. Goals. xx

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    1. Romi,

      I completely understand where you are coming from! There are days I cannot tear myself away from my story. Days that, when I finally come up for air, I find myself with ten thousand words added to my novel. But, if I’m being honest with myself, those days are rare. I usually find myself avoiding my computer. When I realized how frequently I “didn’t feel like writing” I knew I had to do something.

      I have worked up to five fifteen minute sprints a day. That gives me 3,000 words added to my novel on a good day. When I used to wake up at dawn I would spend three hours writing 3,000 words before anyone else woke up. It was exhausting. Although it isn’t for everyone, this method really helps me gets words on the page without burning myself out.



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