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The R.I.P It Or Ship It Book Tag was created by emmmabooks over on YouTube.

Hey Gems, it is time for another tag! I liked the idea behind the R.I.P. It or Ship It book tag but I didn’t know how to translate the tag into blogging format. I decided to take photos of my slips of paper but I do wish I had filmed this, if only for my own enjoyment. My family said I sounded like a mad scientist as I pulled out each slip. Imagine an evil laugh with the added bonus of Texas twang… it’s probably best this wasn’t recorded for future generations.

The rules are pretty simple: Take two characters from various novels and decide if you would R.I.P It (“I hate this pairing I absolutely hate it!”) or Ship It (I want them to grow old and rock their baby’s babies on their front porch!” *Holds hands to chest while twirling around a field of wild flowers*) I chose five female characters and five male characters. I put the dudes in one bowl and the dudettes in another. I randomly drew from both bowls to answer the age old question: can your OTP be replaced? It was heart breaking.

Our first and second contenders are…

Cadence & Zephyr photo 7468fc97-895c-4169-bb7e-81f51ab42691.jpg

This was a very interesting pairing… and right out of the gate! Sadly, I would R.I.P this pairing. I think both Cadence and Zephyr have their own problems and I feel if they were together they would fuel each others… oh what’s the word? Insanity.

Victims three and four…
Kaitlin & Jacob photo a89ae6cc-ef45-42ae-a238-31deb90addf5.jpg

I really like this pairing. Does that make me insane? (BWAHAHAHAHAHA) When reading the books, Jacob was not always sensitive to Bella’s situation but when he was it was easy to see that he really did love her. I think Kaitlin could use devotion like that. I like Austen but, while reading the books, I wished he would just go away. Austen was never sensitive to Kaitlin’s situation and I think she deserves that! Every girl deserves to feel special so I totally Ship It!

Step right up numbers five and six…

Meadow & St. Clair photo 4e2da1e2-a428-4f47-8437-a34458438abc.jpg

As hard as it is for me to admit, I think Meadow and Etienne would do well together; Etienne’s sense of humor would balance out Meadow’s lethal attitude nicely and I think it would do Meadow some good getting out of the Perimeter. I’m not giving up on my dream of calling Etienne St. Clair mine but, for this tag, I Ship It!

Seven and eight please shut the gate behind you…

Tris & David photo 018f3f40-78bb-492e-ae28-e0b338c967bf.jpg

This pairing is probably the worst. I think Tris would kill David if they were left in a room together let alone in a relationship. With David’s smart mouth and Tris’ inability to handle sarcasm, the authorities would never find his body. Poor David. Although Stark has some serious ancient powers, before he could ready himself for a fight with Prior, he would be down on the ground knocked out as Tris ate Blue Bell ice cream. Since she doesn’t worry about expiration dates, or salmonella, I R.I.P. It.

Next! Nine and ten please hurry I don’t have all day…

Hazel & Four photo 78dfc9dd-b557-44d8-9ae5-aa38b2c8e720.jpg

This made me laugh. Am I the only one who realizes what has happened in the three movie adaptations Woodley has played in? She played Hazel Grace (The Fault In Our Stars) with her main love interest being Ansel Elgort who, in Divergent, was her brother. Peter (Miles Teller) was her arch nemesis in the Divergent Trilogy and, in The Spectacular Now, he was her love interest. That aside, I don’t think Hazel and Four would be that great of a match. I think Hazel is too innocent and, to be perfectly honest, Four has too much baggage. I would R.I.P. this relationship.

Tag! You’re It!!

I don’t tag people but if you would like to do this tag I encourage you to do so! It was thought provoking, it made me think of my OTPs and how twisted some relationships are.



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