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Spiel It Out | September 2015 | Judging Books By Their Authors

spiel it out

We’ve all heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover.” but on a recent trip to Barnes and Noble I found myself passing over popular titles after a glance at the authors’ names. I paused as I looked at a International Bestselling author’s works and wondered why I had never tried reading more of her books. I remembered reading an article where she bashed my Christian views. Right then and there I stopped obsessing over Harry Potter.

It isn’t as if Rowling knew there was a girl in East Texas who was taught “We don’t condemn same sex marriages but we don’t codon them either.” but yet I took it to heart. On the drive home I realized if that article had come out just a year earlier I would never have finished the seven book phenomenon.

The world has a funny way of looking at things. As people we let our views of the world dictate the movies we watch, the stories we share, the food we eat and the people we surround ourselves with. We let others’ opinions choose our happiness.

The excitement I had when reading Harry Potter cannot amount to my disappoint for writing the characters off. When I got home I went to my room and straightened my Harry Potter shelf. The limited edition playing cards, which were once scattered underneath the bookshelf, now sit in a sealed baggie safe from dust and nosy dogs. My journals, once laying face down under junk on my desk, are now proudly displayed on picture stands. My miniature sorting hat, which used to sit in a junk drawer, now sits with the snitch on one side and Hedwig on the other.

Now, when I enter my room I smile because as a Christian I know God never wanted me -or anyone else- to judge others. He wanted me to love everyone. I know God isn’t happy with same-sex marriages being legalized and I know He is happy the clerk in Kentucky is staying true to Him. But I also believe God doesn’t want His people rioting in the streets over police shootings or America’s leader not participating during the National Day of Prayer.

What are your opinions on readers judging books by their authors? Tell us below!



4 thoughts on “Spiel It Out | September 2015 | Judging Books By Their Authors

  1. Well, I have to say I don’t agree with you. You said “We let others’ opinions choose our happiness” and that is, for me at least, absolutely not how it is. I and only I can choose whether I will be happy, what will make me happy, how I will chase my happiness. It doesn’t have a thing to do with what others think or say, and I don’t think it should. The opinions of others shouldn’t be able to dictate how I feel. Only I should be able to do that, for myself and no one else.

    I don’t actually know, presently, the background of the Rowling statement that turned you off her. I know I’ve decided to no longer support the work of people who make statements that go against something I’m incredibly passionate about, like when they’re racist or homophobic. I make the decision not to support them, after that, because racism and homophobia simply are not acceptable. And I’m sorry that for you, your religion doesn’t think it’s right for gay people to be married. Gay marriage is something I support with all my heart, and I just don’t understand how someone could want you to love others but not accept the way others love. It does’t make sense to me and just isn’t something I can accept, even when I can respect your choice of religion as personal and *your* choice.

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    1. Romi,
      You are right. I don’t believe “gay” people should be married. But please don’t be sorry for me and/or my religion.

      God created Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. I believe that one day we will each stand before God and have to answer for what (wrong) we have done on earth.

      There are Christians who believe God loves “gay” people. Which he does. God loves everyone. But just because God loves them doesn’t mean he is happy with their decisions.

      God gave humans the ability to make their own choices and everyone- even “the gays” have. You cannot change what people think nor can you force feed them your beliefs.

      While I don’t agree with Rowlings statement I can look past it because God commanded that we all love everyone. No matter what they believe, think or say.

      This post wasn’t about my stance on gay marriage. It was simply a statement on judging what you read, watch or listen too based on the person who writes it, acts it, or belts it out.

      J.K. Rowling happens to have a large platform to voice *her* opinions and I chose her as an example on “Judging Books By Their Authors.”

      As a Southern Baptist I could have chosen Tennessee Williams due to his alcohol addiction or, as a person who knows first hand what it is like to deal with mental illness, I could have used Edgar Allen Poe for his dark interpretation of serious illnesses.

      Both of these highly talented men did/wrote something that I didn’t agree with. The purpose of this post was to shed light on books/plays I could’ve missed out on had I separated the author from the story itself.



      1. Hey,
        Thanks for replying, Jordan, and I’m sorry for two things. I stand by what I said, gay marriage is hugely important for me and it’s my truth, I suppose, but 1. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable to have been bought up, especially if it wasn’t what you intended your post to be about. I read your post and wanted to comment, but I was uncomfortable with posting and not addressing your comment- it would have felt dishonest to me, to just ignore your statements when I’d have addressed my thoughts had I seen them elsewhere/been speaking with someone. I did feel like your post ended up being more about your feeings on gay marriage than on staying with or stopping your support of an author, but I guess that wasn’t how you felt when you wrote it.
        2. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was sad for you because of your religion/beliefs. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to pray for me or wish that I realised that being gay was wrong, because it would offend me for you to say that, and I understand if my saying “…I’m sorry that for you, your religion doesn’t think it’s right for gay people to be married”, because it doesn’t sound the way I intended it. I guess I’m sad that not all people can be accepted equally, but I didn’t mean to say I felt sorry for you because of your beliefs. Does that make sense?

        I’m not going to agree with your beliefs and I doubt you’d agree with mine, and I guess even if we can respect elements of each being able to have our own choice in how we life and believe, we won’t necessarily be able to respect the whole of the others beliefs. And I guess we can either find a way for that to be okay between us, or we won’t- I do think I’d like to try. I did want to address this, as I said, both in my first comment and in replying to your reply, because I understand how some of what I wrote could have been interpreted in a way I didn’t intend, and I didn’t want your response to hang without a reply.


      2. Romi,
        Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. That is the great thing about God. He gave every person the ability to make their own choices. That’s what separates us from animals! 😀

        That being said, while I do respect your opinion I do not agree with it AND that is okay. No one can agree with everyone’s beliefs. My own preacher has different views on Armageddon but I still go to him for guidance.

        People believe Christians don’t “like” gay people but it all boils down to what we believe and, at the end of the day, what we believe matters.

        I too hope we can still be friends. I surround myself with people who speak their minds. It is always easier knowing who you befriended than being surprised/disappointed after you have bonded. So, thank you for being honest!



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