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A Note | Blogger Update

At least twice a year I go on these “breaks” where I don’t blog due to feeling inadequate. This little voice pops into my head telling me I don’t edit my blog posts well enough, or that my content isn’t as fresh as some of the other book bloggers I read on a regular basis.

While I know my content isn’t as incredible as others, blogging about things I love (books and writing) makes me incredibly happy.

So, sitting in my room at 9:30 pm. I have decided to stop worrying about what other people think because, even though some people may not read this blog do to “editorial errors”, i am always happier blogging about books.



2 thoughts on “A Note | Blogger Update

  1. I love this. It’s so true to feel like your own blog posts are not as cool, interesting, or well written as other bloggers, but like you said “i’m always happier blogging about books”.
    I myself have been on a break from the book blogging world cause sometimes the pressure to read every new book that is out there is a bit too much for me, haha.


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