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Bookstagram Wrap-Up | November 2016

Reading books is one of the greatest things in the world, I believe.

Cracking open a new world is like Christmas morning -but I can open this present anytime I want.

The book community is wide, it is expanded to most corners of the internet -from YouTube to a wide variety of blogging platforms and, perhaps my favorite, Instagram. Or, you know… “Bookstagram.”

I thought it would be a neat idea to bring Bookstagram to my blog but I didn’t really want to flood my blog, my home away from home, with weekly wrap ups. I mean, come on! Who likes their home flooded?!

I decided the best was to do this was to share all of my bookish photos, from one month, in a monthly wrap up.

I know you probably want to see all the glory that is my amateur photography skills, so without further ado, here is my November 2016 Bookstagram Wrap-Up

Nov. 8 photo Nov. 8.jpg  Nov. 8 photo Nov. 8 - 2.jpg  Nov. 19 photo Nov. 19.jpg
Nov. 21 photo Nov. 21.jpg  Nov. 23 photo Nov. 23.jpg  Nov. 24 photo Nov. 20.jpg
Nov. 26 photo Nov. 26.jpg  Nov. 27 photo Nov. 27.jpg  Nov. 30 photo Nov. 30.jpg



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