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Book Mail #1 | January Owlcrate “Classic Remix”


Welcome to the first edition of Book Mail! *Waves*

I received my January Owlcrate around the fifteenth (don’t quote me on that!) and was very impressed with the “Classic Remix” goodies that came with it. I have to say, though -the book was by far my favorite!

Roseblood by A.G. Howard is a retelling of Phantom of the Opera. I’ve never read/watched this play but I do love retellings and I have never (maybe because I’ve never looked, but that’s just a wild guess) seen a Phantom of the Opera retelling before!

In the interest of being honest, I’ve also never read an A.G. Howard book before which, I mean, since I love retellings of any sort, it is quite a tragedy!

I didn’t know what Obvious State was until I opened up this month’s Owlcrate. They are basically a one stop shop for literary-related art prints. And they are fabulous.

I looked them up for this blog post and spent a good thirty minutes drooling at all the beautiful designs. From photo prints to tote bags to tea towels, there is something for every book lover in your life. (My birthday is in February if you want to hit me up *wink wink*)

This months box featured a calendar that, unfortunately, was created exclusively for Owlcrate subscribers so you can’t get this exact one. But if you want to have a look around their online store you can click here.

They (the lovely gems over at Owlcrate) announced there would be a product from First Edition Tea Co. which is a shop I absolutely love.

They have a wide variety of bookish-related teas along with a travel themed set which I’ve had my eye on for a while.

The book-shaped soap is from TeaSoapBooks, another shop (like Obvious State) that I hadn’t heard of until it arrived in my Owlcrate box.

This one specifically was inspired by The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and it smells sooo good I’m tempted to use it… (but it will have a longer shelf life on by bookcase. See what I did there?)

The last little thing in this photo is the Owlcrate button. They started including these back in August 2016, I believe. Each button holds an element from the “information card” included in every box. This one says: “The Owlcrate Theater”.

My favorite part of the Owlcrate boxes are always the letters from that month’s author. This month’s letter was illustrated with a little owl wearing a Phantom inspired costume. It was pared with a signed bookplate!

We also received; A promotional poster for Marissa Meyer’s Wire and Nerves -which comes out on January 31, 2017! A  watercolor bookmark by LexyOlivia inspired by Slaughterhouse Five, and a magnet from SweetSequels!



*All of the photos featured in this weeks Book Mail were taken by me, Jordan. If you take these photos and claim them as your own it is considered stealing.*


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