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I (Almost) Met Kiera Cass!! | The Emerald Gauntlet


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Okay -a quick disclaimer before you start reading:

This blog post is kinda personal so be nice if you leave a comment.

Okay, I’m done now. You may read on.

Hey Gems, as a reader I enjoy buying books, splurging on book-related coffee mugs, creating poorly drawn (book) character portraits and, of course, meeting the face behind the words.

I live for author events but, unfortunately, I also live a good hour and a half from the nearest Barnes & Noble. I managed to convince my family to accompany me to Houston Texas’ Blue Willow Bookshop on January 29th, 2016 where Kiera Cass would be talking about her latest novel, The Siren.

We got to Blue Willow around lunch time. Kiera Cass didn’t grace us with her presence until seven. We had quite a wait.

I browsed the shelves for new books, admired bookish-related mugs (see the beginning of this post for verification), read a chapter from Illuminae (by Jay Kristof and Amie Kaufman), went to Fire House Subs for lunch, and ignored my dad’s twenty-minute rant about Jojo Moyes’ unrealistic “stage” name (my apologies Ms. Moyes).

Now, if you read the title of this post you might me wondering how I almost met the NYT bestselling author when I had successfully convinced my family to join me…

Hang in there, I’m getting to it.

Even after all of the fabulous activities (mentioned above) we still had a few hours until Kiera arrived. So, like any normal person would do while waiting for an author to arrive, my dad took my sister to get our tires replaced.

Totally normal.

What I didn’t mention above is that January 29th, 2016 marked the fifth day I had been experiencing constant abdominal pain.

I have dealt with similar pain for the past four/five years but normally it goes away within a few hours.

We went to my primary care doctor who ran some tests but never called us about the results. Knowing I had been experiencing this pain for quite some time she didn’t feel it was an emergency and ordered an ultrasound that wouldn’t be performed for another two weeks.

This being the case I still wanted to meet Kiera.

But, as luck would have it, thirty minutes before Kiera was to make her grand entrance I ran out to the parking lot and encountered my lunch for the second time.

I’m no food critic but I will say it tasted better the first time around.

In fear of grossing you out a little more, I’ll wrap this up.

When my dad and sister showed up we went to the emergency room where I was informed my gallbladder had numerous gallstones. I also had an inflamed pancreas due to a tiny gallstone which had lodged itself between my two previously mentioned organs.

The good news is I was released from the hospital the day before my birthday.

The bad news? When I woke up from surgery I craved mustard. I hate mustard.

At the end of the day, I learned a valuable lesson. Always go to the hospital before your birthday. When my surgeon learned I expected presents he suddenly felt I was ready to go home…

On a serious yet thankful note, I want to encourage anyone who lives in or around Houston Texas to visit Blue Willow Bookshop. They were a kind group of women who were informative about books.

They were very kind, and let me leave my books there to be signed.

I will be revisiting their store again.

Thanks for reading,



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