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Bookstagram Wrap-Up | January 2017


January was a pretty relaxing month for me, honestly.

I had planned to participate in a photo challenge (#sammyreadsjanuary17) but I didn’t end up making it that far into the month. I’m still getting used to taking all of my photos outside of my home and am having to prioritize on days when the weather is good -which hasn’t been that often lately!

I try to take a week’s worth of photos on Sundays BUT I think I need to take at least two weeks in case the Texas weather doesn’t want to straighten up when I need to take photos!

Anyway, the photos I did take this month, I am proud of. I tried a few new things -the places I took them, the way I used certain props. Overall, experimenting wise, I think I did pretty good.

The photo’s themselves all stand on their own, there is no theme that groups them together so I had to keep my OCD in check this month!


 photo Capture 1_1.png  photo Capture 2.png  photo Capture 3.png
 photo Capture 4.png  photo Capture 5.png  photo Capture 6.png
 photo Capture 7.png  photo Capture 8.png  photo Capture 9.png



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