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Jordan’s Jewels, A History

Jordan’s Jewels was created in March 2014 to Fangirl over all things book related. It is mainly a source for Young Adult and Middle-Grade reviews but occasionally you will find a classic or new adult book thrown in.


You can find my Review Policy and Contact Information here.

The Federal Trade Commission states that bloggers must disclose if they are being rewarded for their posts, here goes nothing.

This blog was created to share a love of books with the internet community. I am in no way compensated for reviewing books. However, when I receive a complimentary book for review, I always state where the book came from.

Emphasizing the above paragraph, you won’t see a paid advertisement on my blog. If there is an image of a book/author it is because 1) I am reading said book 2) The book or author is being featured for a review or author interview 3) I have a recently posted a review of said book 4) I have a soon-to-be posted review of said book 5) I am sharing a new book tour or favorite author of mine.

Again, I do not get paid for sharing photos of books or author biographies nor am I compensated for sharing links to books or author’s site/social media.

The book covers, author photos, and/or biographies are taken from numerous places online but are most likely from the author’s website, the publisher’s website, Goodreads, Amazon or Google. I do not state this in my reviews as I feel this is common knowledge.

In conclusion, all reviews shown on this blog are written and published by me, Jordan. All views on this blog, popular or not, are my own.

Rating System

a jeweled rating


Five Kisses | This is going on my favorites shelf!

Four Kisses | A great book I will be keeping on my shelf for years to come.

Three Kisses | I’m really glad I read this… but it’s going under the bed.

Two Kisses | Darn. I really tried to like this one…maybe I’ll regift it to someone with similar tastes.

One Kisses | This book made me sad… it’s sitting in the closet until it apologizes.

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