About Jordan


Jordan is a twenty-something year old aspiring author who, for reasons unknown, decided to write her “biography” in third person.

Jordan wasn’t always a reader. In fact she recalls one hot, sticky, Texas afternoon, when she ran inside, grabbed her mother by the shoulders, and made the statement (that in hindsight was obvious but none the less exciting) “books are just like movies -except on paper… and not on screens!”

Ever since running inside her parent’s house, waving a Nancy Drew novel above her head, her life has been filled with books. Literally.

Jordan’s bookshelves as of August 2016

What started off as a couple of paper back Nancy Drew books has grown to an (un)healthy obsession which she loves seeing every time she enters her room.

From young adult romance (her favorite) to fantasy novels (Sarah J. Mass anyone?) to middle grade series, she will read anything… as long as there is a love story somewhere involved.

Looking back she knows that if it wasn’t for that hot summer day she would never have found her love for words and may never have written her first novel or started the blog you are reading (she says thanks, by the way) and, while she hates the moody Texas weather, she will forever be grateful for the day she realized that words could be spoken without saying them out loud.

You Can Also Find Me On

You can find out more by hovering over the “About” tab. A drop down box should appear. If it doesn’t please let me know. The miners forgot they’re on the clock… again.


4 thoughts on “About Jordan

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  2. Hi there, I came to your blog through blookblogging.net where you requested my book. Hope you get to read it soon. I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!! Oh and keep up the blogging:D


    1. Hey Samuel! Thanks for approving my request. 🙂 you book seems very interesting. I’ll email you through bookblogging.net once I finish reading it. I’ll also give you links for everywhere I mention/post my review. Thanks for commenting. 🙂 -Jordan


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