Review Policy & Contact Me!

Review Policy

You can find out more about how I started my blog, rating system, or how I write reviews by looking here.

I love reviewing books. If you think your book would be a good feature on Jordan’s Jewels please contact me using the forum at the end of this post. I read a variety of books but enjoy:

Middle Grade: Action/Adventure, Fantasy. 

Young Adult: Contemporary/Romance, Fantasy, Dystopian. 

New Adult: This isn’t so much a sub-genre so much as a request. I do not enjoy raunchy reads. If your title has an abundance of explicit scenes or cursing I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t contact me. I’m sure your book is great but cursing and suggestive sexual scenes will most likely affect my rating.

Adult: Christian Fiction, Tasteful- Yet Fun (See New Adult) Contemporary/Romance.

Non-Fiction: I am not at the point in my life where I enjoy Non-Fiction. But if you contact me for a review of your Non-Fiction book, it would have to be a light-hearted read.

I Am Currently Accepting

I do accept finished copies of books in these categories and ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies) but prefer paper bound copies.

What You Can Expect When Sending A Review Copy

I try very hard to read review copies in a span of three months. If that doesn’t happen you will receive an email when your book’s review has been published on this blog. The reason it wouldn’t be published in three months (or less) would most likely be due to my schedule or personal issues with your book. I try to give each book I receive the benefit of doubt. If your book is hard for me, as a reader, to process I will set it aside and pick it up again at a later date. This is so I am able to give an honest review without first impressions shadowing your book.

That being said, once I review your book I will send you an email with links to your title’s review on:
1)My Blog
and anywhere else you request I give a review
Please note that my review will not be rewritten but copied and pasted to each site of your choosing.

I would be thrilled to host an author interview, guest post or giveaway for any book sent for review as well as participate in blog tours for books sent for review.

I Reserve The Right To:

Deny your request (for me) to review your book. It likely won’t be because I am not interested. It will most likely be because I do not have the time when I receive your request.

Give my honest opinion whether good or bad. If I were in your shoes I would expect a five star review on any review site I request. After all, you are giving me your book. Your baby. You breathed life into your characters, you built your story from nothing. Trust me. I understand. The last thing I want is to give your title a bad review. Yet, my readers trust me to give my honest opinion. I hope you can respect that.

Not finish your book. If it takes me longer than three months to read your story I will continue to try but I reserve the right to not finish your book as it is unfair to me as a reader and blogger and to you as the author.

Not post a review of your book. If I really dislike your book the last thing I want to do is yell it off the roof tops. As mentioned above, I respect the taunting worry you feel as an author. It is hard to put your book out into the world and harder to hear insults about your title. If I truly dislike your book I will not post a review.

If you still feel like your title is right for this blog please contact me using the forum at the end of this post.

 Thank you for considering Jordan’s Jewels. I hope to work with you soon!


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