Literary Emeralds

What is Literary Emeralds?

Literary Emeralds is a weekly meme here at Jordan’s Jewels where Jordan discusses topics like character traits, word counts and gum on the bottom of her shoe… you know, the normal stuff.

Behind the Scenes of Literary Rambles

Before I started blogging about books here on wordpress I started blogging about writing. In recent months (2015) I had a hard time keeping up with both blogs. I chose to close down my original blog and focus on Jordan’s Jewels. I still enjoy blogging about writing, so I decided to host a weekly feature where I share writing advice.

Future Literary Emeralds

07/11/15 | Crafting A Great First Sentence
07/18/15 | Time Management At It’s Finest
07/25/15 | The Left & Right Brained Writer
08/01/15 | Creating A 3D Book Cover (For Free!)
08/08/15 | Crafting Simple Dialogue
08/15/15 | The Dithering Novelist


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