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What Is Middle Grade Monday?

As a writer and scrapbooker I have an infatuation with lists. If you were to look through my old journals you would find lists titled: Three Reasons I NEED an i-Pod, Five Reasons Edward Cullen Belongs With Me, TBR Pile Of Shame #50, Plots to Burn My Baby Photos Taken Of Me In The Bath, and my favorite: 2012 Christmas List Take Number Fourteen. Looking back on these lists that colored my childhood make me smile, but my favorite type of lists to make are Bookish Lists. Each week I will have a new topic pertaining to middle grade fiction. I hope you will join in on the discussion!

Behind The Scenes of Middle Grade Monday

I didn’t start reading until later in life. I wasn’t the type of kid to stay inside on a summer day and read a book. I was the type of kid to stay in on a summer day and dance around the living room to the latest Hannah Montana soundtrack. I never appreciated the written word.

When I was nine I sat down on a lawn chair in my families front yard (because I was weird) and read my first Nancy Drew book. I ran into the house screaming: “It’s just like a movie… only it has words!” I was so proud to finish that book. It took me another two or three years to want to read something by someone other than Caroline Keen.

I found Twilight and, from there, my life became all about young adult books. I was still young and sheltered and my mother approved every book I read. It wasn’t until I was sixteen that I realized I had missed out on an important part of my reading journey:

Middle Grade Books.

Since then, I have acquired quite a bit of Middle Grade literature. From books like James Riley’s Half Upon a Time to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series to Angie Sage’s Septumus Heap. I love the complex plots of each Middle Grade story. As a nineteen year old I do not have to remind myself of the audience the book was intended for. The age difference doesn’t affect me as I am blessed to have filled my personal library with wonderful authors who write amazing books for younger audiences.

I decided to create Middle Grade Monday with the hope I would inspire other “adults” to go back and enjoy their favorite childhood adventures or, if like me, discover worlds, without vampires and gargoyles, that they didn’t know existed.

Middle Grade Monday was originally created as a way to spotlight books and authors but it as since evolved into a weekly list dedicated to all things Middle Grade. If you would like to participate in Middle Grade Monday please scroll down this page for some tips.

Middle Grade Monday Tips

I always like a checklist to follow when I decide to follow a meme created my someone other than myself. So, I thought I would create a list of things you should know before featuring MGM on your blog.

1) Never feature an author you don’t love. This is pretty self explanatory. No one likes a liar and, from my experiences as a reader, your readers can see right through you!

2) Don’t set yourself up to fail. I created this meme and I still miss a week or two here and there. Don’t beat yourself up for forgetting to schedule a post before your week long road trip with your family.

3) We have all heard of Jack and The Bean Stalk. To keep your content fresh don’t continue to post books based on the same topic such as Fairy Tale Retellings. We all love them but we can all get sick of them. If you have a few favorite books or series that feature the same topic try creating a post about that topic. If you love Fairy Tale Retellings create a discussion post on Fairy Tale Retellings as your weekly entry instead of spotlighting three different books or series back to back each week.

If you have any tips (or tricks) you think should be added to this list please leave a comment below this post.

So? Do you want to get off your broomstick and join Middle Grade Monday or what? Use the code below to add the official Middle Grade Monday badge to your website and scroll down to add a blurb to your post- or write your own!

Jordan's Jewels
Jordan's Jewels

Middle Grade Monday Blurb

Middle Grade Monday is a weekly meme started by Jordan’s Jewels where you find a local market and search for magic beans… nope. That’s not right. Let’s try again. Middle Grade Monday is a weekly list where you share your love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…. No! No! No! One More time: Middle Grade Monday is a special event, hosted every Tuesday by Jordan’s Jewels, where you pretend to fight ancient warriors of death in your backyard. Oh I give up. There is no way of making this sound interesting. Middle Grade Monday is a weekly meme stared by Jordan’s Jewels where you follow a weekly topic to discuss middle grade fiction. If you would be interested in discussing wizards, evil fairy-godmothers, unusual names for pens or Greek gods, please check it out!

Future Middle Grade Monday Topics

08/03/15 | I Wouldn’t Mind Living Here
08/10/15 | Bookish Theme Song
08/17/15 | Series I Haven’t Finished Yet
08/24/15 | Irritating Characters
08/31/15 | I’d See That Movie
09/7/15 | Books That Made Me Cry
09/14/15 | I Was Forced To Read
09/21/15 | I Would LOVE to Meet These Authors
09/28/15 | Unique Plots
10/5/15 | I Wish I Could Redesign These Covers
10/12/15 | Books I’ll Never Read
10/19/15 | Dislikable Characters
10/26/15 | Favorite Villainous Characters
11/2/15 | I’d Kill For A Signed Copy Of…
11/9/15 | 2016 Debut Authors I’m Looking Forward to Reading
11/16/15 | Book That Made Me Cry
11/23/15 | I’m Thankful For These Stories
11/30/15 | Most Anticipated Releases of 2016
12/7/15 | Santa Needs to Bring Me
12/14/15 | Favorite 2015 Book Quotes
12/21/15 | 2015 Bookish Memories
12/28/15 | Favorite Words of 2015

Previous Middle Grade Monday Posts

…and the book(s) or author(s) featured!

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