The Coal Mine

5The Coal Mine is the Jordan’s Jewel’s equivalent of the Island of Misfit Toys.

Google’s Definition of a Coal Mine
Coal Mine

an excavation in the earth for extracting coal.

Jordan’s Definition of a Coal Mine 
Coal Mine
where men and women work to provide the world with necessities such as diamonds and platinum.

You Can Find Thinks Like:
Book Recommendations
Mismatched Shoes
Author Encounters
Empty Water Bottles
Unlit Candles
Ceramic Foxes
Favorite Book Blogs
Straw Wrappers
Stolen Garden Gnomes
Random Jars of Buttons
Used Erin Condren Gift Cards
Cans of Paint
To Be Read Shelf – COMING SOON
Junk Mail
80’s Themed Sharpies

And, If You Look Hard Enough, You Might Find:

Tony Stark
Your Future Husband
Or Both

If you want to find any of these things (or people) you should keep fracking.

Who knows, you might find a gem in this pile of rubble.



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