Author Encounters

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I have met some wonderful people through my reading experience. From fellow bloggers to authors, here are the wonderful people I have met through my reading adventure!

*Note: These pictures are taken during events where I meet multiple authors in one day. I do not wear one shirt to all book signings (Sarah Mlynowski touched it!) that would be creepy.

*Note II: My mom doesn’t know how to work a camera. They say smart phones dumb it down for *coughs* the technologically challenged but my mother still managed to snap each picture with my eyes closed. What can I say? She is talented. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I still scrapbooked each photo -eyes open or closed.

*Note II: If you click on each picture it will take you to the featured author’s website. I am in no way compensated for promoting these authors but it would be great if you let them know I sent you in the form of a comment on their website, blog or social media.


Elizabeth Eulberg (and a plot to marry a fellow author’s son) | Better Off Friends Tour (2014) 

Sarah Mlynowski (and a reader who threatens to take her home and keep her forever) | Don’t Even Think About It Tour (2014) 

Lauren Myracle (and a very messy bun) | The Infinite Moment Of Us Tour (2014) 

Sarah Mlynowski & Lauren Myracle (and the lamest timing ever) | Holding How To Be Bad (Published 2008) *NO LINK

Emery Lord (and the poltergeist attacking my camera) | Open Road Summer Tour (2014) 

April Henry (and my terrible lazy eye) | The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die Tour (2014) 

Melissa de la Cruz (and my modeling hand) | The Ring and The Crown Tour (2014) 

Rachel Hawkins (and the reappearing model hand) | Rebel Belle Tour (2014) 

Victoria Scott (and the weirdest author/reader pose ever) | Fire & Flood Tour (2014)

Ann Brashares (and the reoccurring side-effect of Fangirling- a shiny forehead) | The Here and Now Tour (2014) 


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