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Breach Point | Five Minute Review

25950877Title: Breach Point
Author: Steven Spatucci
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Sub-Genre(s): Supernatural Thriller
Series: Breach Point Series
Published On: July 19th, 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Sent by author
ISBN 151514562X (ISBN13: 9781515145622)
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When high school sophomore Clara Tuffney is hired for a summer internship at an engineering firm, she accepts an invitation to live with her Aunt Maureen in the quiet seaside town of Breach Point, New Jersey.

Soon after arriving, Clara learns of the infamous Breach Point Castle, a haunted attraction that once stood on the town’s busy amusement pier. While searching out the Castle’s former location, Clara befriends Nicholas, a shy local boy. Nicholas introduces Clara to his Uncle Kevin who, along with his friends, worked at the Castle during its prime.

Through Nicholas, Clara discovers that the Castle burned down in a mysterious fire in the early 1980s. She also learns of a local legend – a boy named Eric, rumored to have possessed supernatural powers, was killed in the fire – though many doubt that he actually died. Some of the town’s residents even believe that Eric has returned to Breach Point in the form of a malevolent spirit – a story Kevin sternly cautions Clara against believing.

Clara’s curious nature soon brings her closer to finding out the secret behind what really happened to the Castle and to Eric – though her search for answers places herself, Aunt Maureen, and Nicholas directly in the path of a danger she does not fully understand.


My Thoughts

When I opened up the first page of Spatucci’s novel, Breach Point I became worried. I didn’t realize it had originally been published on Wattpad. For those of you unfamiliar with Wattpad it is a website for writers who want feedback on their work. I am not a fan of the site as most of it’s content leaves a bad taste in my mouth -but this book surprised me. I highly enjoyed it!

I Loved…

The Female Protagonist: I thought Spatucci made an interesting choice when making his protagonist a girl. Most authors on my shelves stick to what they know when it comes to their protagonist’s gender but it was refreshing to see Spatucci successfully write a female’s point of view, even in third person.

The Descriptions: While I enjoy mystery and quirky character flaws in books, I always love detailed descriptions. Whether it be a cracked sidewalk or a young girl’s love of funnel cake, Spatucci created a vivid world I couldn’t help but love.

The Author’s Personal Experience: At the back of the book there is a ton of bonus content. I enjoyed seeing how Spatucci came up with the idea for Breach Point.

I Didn’t Love…

 While there isn’t anything I hated about this book I feel like we, as the readers, could have been giving a little more information on Eric… but at least there will be a sequel….

A Jeweled Rating


Four Kisses | This book was good. I had fun while reading it but something was missing from this story.

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About the Author

steve_photo_bw_200Steve Spatucci

Steve Spatucci lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He’s been writing screenplays since the 90’s, making his first sale in 2010 with his dark comedy “Play Date”. Breach Point is his first novel…. Learn more on Steve’s website





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